We are the former Brokerage Services division of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (“ADP”). Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADP on March 29, 2007 in anticipation of our spin-off from ADP. On March 30, 2007, we spun off from ADP and began operating as an independent public company. Our company has more than 40 years of history of providing innovative solutions to financial services firms and publicly-held companies. In 1962, the Brokerage Services division of ADP opened for business with one client, processing an average of 300 trades per night. In 1979, we expanded our U.S.-based securities processing solutions to process Canadian securities.


We made significant additions to our Securities Processing Solutions business through two key acquisitions in the mid-1990s. In 1995, we acquired a London-based provider of multi-currency clearance and settlement services, to become a global supplier of transaction processing services. In 1996, we acquired a provider of institutional fixed income transaction processing systems.


We began offering our proxy services in 1989. The proxy services business, which started what has become our Investor Communication Solutions business, leveraged the information processing systems and infrastructure of our Securities Processing Solutions business. Our proxy services offering attracted 31 major clients in its first year of operations. In 1992, we acquired The Independent Election Corporation of America which further increased our proxy services capabilities. By 1999, we were handling over 90% of the investor communication distributions for all securities held of record by banks and broker-dealers in the U.S.—from proxy statements to annual reports. During the 1990s, we expanded our proxy services business to serve security owners of Canadian and United Kingdom issuers and we began offering a complete outsourced solution for international proxies.


In 1998, having previously provided print and distribution services as an accommodation to our securities processing and proxy clients, we decided to focus on account statement and reporting services. In 2001, we developed and released PostEdge ® to meet the need for electronic distribution and archiving of all investor communications.


In 2004, we purchased Bank of America Corporation’s U.S. Clearing and Broker-Dealer Services businesses, which enabled us to provide securities clearing and operations outsourcing services through our subsidiary, Ridge Clearing & Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. (“Ridge”) In 2010, Ridge sold the contracts of substantially all of its securities clearing clients and no longer performs securities clearing services for correspondent broker-dealers. Our operations outsourcing services, performed by Ridge, are now part of our Securities Processing Solutions business.